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Business and Marketing Consultant — Anaheim

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Alexander Group Inc.
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$100,000 - $240,000 Yearly

Use this difficult economy to your personal advantage. Place yourself in an ideal career position, professional independence - in control of your future, while you are supported, backed and mentored by a 10 year old consulting firm.

Alexander Group is looking for Strategic Associates to expand operations into a nationwide footprint. We are looking for established and experienced professionals with management and marketing backgrounds, in diverse industries, who wish to own and build their own Business and Marketing Consulting firm with Alexander Group. AG offers a proven, demonstrable, turn-key system for refining, growing and expanding your small business clients in these difficult times.

AG Associates enjoy

• A complete portfolio of tools, products and processes

• Case studies of past clients

• Sales guidance, strategies, tools, and corporate referrals

• Live training of all facets of the consultancy

• Ongoing support for creative development and business analysis

Our Consultants provide targeted services to meet precise needs.
• Marketing: The TEL Solution is a proprietary system, available only from our consultants, which triangulates the three essentials in a marketing plan; Tactical marketing, Engaged employees and customers and Loyalty marketing
• Consulting: management performance, strategic planning, organizational assessment and optimization, product positioning, succession planning
• Training: Customer service, sales and business development, management leadership

The BIG problems we solve for you
We allow you to focus on solving your clients’ problems, retaining existing clients, and obtaining new clients by:
• Providing pre and custom developed solutions for your clients’ problems
• Providing all of your back office support
• Providing tools and processes that will empower your success
• Smoothing out the peaks and valleys in your earning cycle

Our ideal candidate should be knowledgeable and accomplished in the following areas.
• Comfortable working in a business to business environment
• Excellent communications skills
o Presentations
o Telephone work
o Consultative sales
o Expressing creative solutions
o Building value
o Closing
• Knowledgeable and experienced in Marketing and Management fields (10 years)
• Previous consulting experience or equivalent
• Totally committed to building a business
• Able and willing to follow a proven marketing system
• Financially able to invest in a strong business model
• A highly motivated, disciplined, self-starter
• Has entrepreneurial spirit

Alexander Group was started in 1998 to provide performance improvement and marketing programs for large and small organizations. AG has developed marketing plans for small grocery chains and large multinational companies like DaimlerChrysler of Mexico. AG is a, bi-cultural and multi-national company with offices in Missouri, Colorado and Mexico City, Mexico. AG is considered expert in behavioral change, tactical marketing and customer service. AG is an innovator of numerous cutting edge sales and marketing strategies, branding initiatives and incentive programs.

For more information about Alexander Group and our plans please call or email Donna at 573-468-4719 or